Sarah H.

Aug24th 2020

I have always considered myself to be in shape. I work out four days a week at a cross-fit gym here in town. I started seeing Brett at PRO Therapy back in February for some left hip discomfort that I have suffered with in the past. I had been told that it was due to overpronating my feet and ankles or poor shoe support. After several sessions of stretching, Brett referred me to Leah to address further pelvic floor issues with incontinence during some intense exercise activities that involved jumping rope, box jumps, or running. This was an embarrassing problem that I have been suffering with since having kids over four years ago and it was progressively getting worse. I attended four sessions over the course of a month and not only learned proper Kegel exercises, but also how to incorporate them into my daily workout regimen. The results have been more than exciting. I don’t have any incontinence issues while working out, but more importantly my nagging hip problems have completely gone away. I think anyone suffering from incontinence issues during exercise should first see Leah at PRO Therapy and avoid an unnecessary costly surgery. Thanks for a great team of Brett and Leah for addressing my problems in a professional manner.