Larry S.

Aug24th 2020

First time patient at PRO Therapy and my overall experience was excellent! The people I interacted with were all top-notch and professional. My needs are somewhat unique and Julie, Sam, and Stanton were very flexible in their choice of exercises. Balance and tripping have been a progressive issue for some time as I have Parkinson’s disease. Julie has been very understanding and a positive influence for me. She recognized some issues such as my trying to move too quickly and not spreading my feet away from each other. Knowledge of this has given me more awareness and therefore more confidence. During the therapy, she noted several times that my strength is very good- another positive reinforcement. My overall experience has been very pleasant and rewarding. Physical therapists aren’t as bad (or mean) as I expected! I will continue to work on slowing down and being sure-footed from now on. Thank you all!