Category: Vertigo/Dizziness


Aug24th 2020

PRO Therapy does magic! Stanton was amazing! One treatment with him and my vertigo is gone! He is in the right profession! He is not only professional, but charming too!


Aug24th 2020

I came to PRO Therapy after falling about ten times over the course of just a few months. I was dizzy daily and couldn’t stay on my feet long. Now, I have nothing to worry about. I have not fallen since I started treatment with PRO Therapy. Thank you PRO Therapy!

Janet A. Aug24th 2020

Janet A.

PRO Therapy is the best thing to happen to me in quite a while. My fear of falling was so bad I couldn’t get out of a chair without help. I am sooo much better now thanks to David (the best therapist in the world!!)

Constance C. Aug24th 2020

Constance C.

Everyone at PRO Therapy was wonderful! I don't need my walker or cane anymore. I can walk and even go up and down steps and I don't have dizziness like I used to. I can get in and out of chairs. I actually feel 20 years younger.