Category: Shoulder


Aug24th 2020

I came to PRO Therapy with neck and shoulder pain. I am leaving pain free, thanks to my therapists!


Aug24th 2020

My right shoulder is feeling awesome! Thanks to Julie at PRO Therapy!


Aug24th 2020

My goodness! I can do almost anything! My progress is fabulous! When I first came to PRO Therapy all I wanted to do was put my hair up! Now, I can put my hair up and more! All of you are so awesome!


Aug24th 2020

Thanks to PRO Therapy I have improved my shoulder movement! It’s better than ever before! I am so excited that I have the movement I have now!

Linda P Aug24th 2020

Linda P.

My experience here with David and Brad was awesome! I am able to use my arm again after my shoulder replacement!

Susan P Aug24th 2020

Susan P.

I am able to use my left arm much better than before. I injured my shoulder and was unable to lift anything heavy- It was even hard to close the car door! I’m not completely better but I have seen big improvement with each visit. I am so glad I chose PRO Therapy.