Category: Post-Surgical


Aug24th 2020

After my back surgery two years ago, I had fallen a minimum of 25 times. Since coming to PRO Therapy I have not fallen at all!


Aug24th 2020

I had a knee replacement prior to physical therapy and PRO Therapy has helped me to feel completely comfortable and confident in moving forward. Extra thanks to Brad for all your help.


Aug24th 2020

Two days after surgery, David had my shoulder moving! From that day forward, I had nothing but improvement!


Aug24th 2020

I am so happy with PRO Therapy. I came here after a knee replacement. I am extremely happy with my progress and the outcome of my therapy.


Aug24th 2020

After successful knee surgery I have completed 21 visits to PRO Therapy. I now exceed normal measurements and can walk two miles with ease! I owe this to the very professional therapists that treated me so well at PRO Therapy!

Patricia S. Aug24th 2020

Patricia S.

PRO Therapy is the best! I had two hips that were extremely chewed up and I was very sure I wouldn’t be able to regain normalcy. After two hip surgeries with Dr. Gough at Hedley Institute and lots of physical therapy with the PRO Therapy team I feel like I am 30 again!