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Elma G Aug24th 2020

Elma G.

I highly recommend PRO Therapy. The day I first walked in I could hardly move my head without pain. I felt totally unbalanced. Thanks to the great therapists, the Deep Tissue Laser treatments, great target pressure movements and proper mobility stretches and exercise I now have full movement again.

Tom C Aug24th 2020

Tom C.

I was suffering from chronic back and hip pain for years. Physical therapy and deep tissue laser therapy treatments have minimized my pain. I found the physical therapists to be both professional and courteous and I would recommend PRO Therapy to anyone. The laser therapy has helped me tremendously.

Aug11th 2020


I came to PRO Therapy for PT and exercises, but the dry needling really did the trick! It took care of my hip and leg problems so quickly! I do believe the cupping was a big part of my success! PRO Therapy definitely made positive results for me. I had constant, unrelenting neck pain and headaches every morning. Not anymore! I am very happy with my treatment. I have done deep tissue laser therapy and dry needling. I don’t like needles, but my Physical Therapist is very good and made me feel very comfortable. I came to PRO Therapy with constant pain, now I am living a pain-free life.