Category: Hip/Knee


Aug24th 2020

I had been dealing with pain in my piriformis muscle for a very long time and with PRO Therapy and the exercises they had me do, that pain is completely gone.


Aug24th 2020

After my surgery I was worried that me right knee would take a long time to heal, but after working out at PRO Therapy my right knee feels strong and capable of anything! Thanks PRO Therapy!


Aug24th 2020

I was told I would need two knee replacements as soon as possible. Not accepting this, I began rehabilitation at PRO Therapy. After just six weeks of therapy, I can tie my shoes, get up and down on the floor and am now walking both fields at Rotary Park daily. Thank you PRO!


Aug24th 2020

PRO Therapy is the best! I had two hips that were extremely chewed up and I was very sure I wouldn’t be able to regain normalcy. After 2 hip surgeries with Dr. Gough at Hedley Institute and lots of physical therapy with the PRO Therapy staff I am better than normal!


Aug24th 2020

I came to PRO Therapy with a sore hip and terrible balance. Both have improved thanks to the help of the very proficient ladies who worked to help me.

Ginger S Aug24th 2020

Ginger S.

When I started with my team at PRO Therapy, I had a new hip and was using a walker. Thankfully, my team didn’t give up on me! Now I have my life back! After only two months, I am walking without the help of even a cane! I also made new friends! You are so compassionate, knowledgeable, and encouraging! I feel whole again- thanks to you all!!