Category: Headaches

Aug11th 2020


Before therapy, I had terrible headaches and stiffness in my neck throughout my nights. Since therapy, I haven’t had any headaches and seldom notice any stiffness or pain. I have greatly improved.

Aug11th 2020


I came to PRO Therapy for PT and exercises, but the dry needling really did the trick! It took care of my hip and leg problems so quickly! I do believe the cupping was a big part of my success! PRO Therapy definitely made positive results for me. I had constant, unrelenting neck pain and headaches every morning. Not anymore! I am very happy with my treatment. I have done deep tissue laser therapy and dry needling. I don’t like needles, but my Physical Therapist is very good and made me feel very comfortable. I came to PRO Therapy with constant pain, now I am living a pain-free life.

Aug11th 2020

Dan D.

I’d been suffering from headaches for several months as a result of minor eye surgery. During my first at Pro Therapy the physical therapist (Megan) gave me several “trigger point” exercises to perform which alleviated some of my symptoms immediately. For the 1st time I’m pain free at the end of the day.