Category: Foot/Ankle


Aug24th 2020

My leg was so weak I was afraid I was going to fall with every step. PRO Therapy not only gave me back my strength and balance but I am now more confident than I have ever been.


Aug24th 2020

Before therapy, I had difficulty walking due to the extreme pain I was in. I couldn’t wear a shoe without pain. Now, thanks to the amazing staff at PRO Therapy, I am walking 3 miles a day- with shoes!


Aug24th 2020

My time at PRO Therapy was such a wonderful experience! The scar tissue knot on the bottom of my foot has shrunk so much that I am walking without issue! Thanks Kylee and Brett!

Tavion Aug24th 2020


In August 2018, I was taken to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, because my legs were not working. No one could tell me why even after lots of tests. PRO Therapy helped me get out of the wheelchair and walk again.

Aug11th 2020


The pain in my foot subsided within several treatments. The PRO Therapy team is very knowledgeable and actually seem to care about my progress. It is amazing what a few changes and exercises can do to improve your quality of life.