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Jul 18, 2022

“Everyone at PRO Therapy is so very nice and professional!”

“I came to PRO Therapy after falling about ten times over the course of just a few months. I was dizzy daily and couldn’t stay on my feet long. Now, I have nothing to worry about. I have not fallen since I started treatment with PRO Therapy. Thank you PRO Therapy!”

“PRO Therapy is made up of the most excellent staff. Each person is friendly and concerned. I had the best experience.”

“Ronni did a great job getting my mobility back. She completely reduced my pain level. She knows her treatment plan and delivered great results. I would highly recommend her and the PRO Therapy team to friends and family.”

“Before PRO Therapy I felt awful, like every part of me was falling apart. Now, after many weeks of treatment I am good as gold! I have the energy of a teenager again! Highly recommend.”

“I can’t believe my results! I wish I tried physical therapy sooner. Thank you so much PRO Therapy!”

“PRO Therapy’s staff is very professional, friendly, genuinely concerned for their patient’s well-being. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

“I came to PRO Therapy with a sore hip and terrible balance. Both have improved thanks to the help of the very proficient ladies who worked to help me.”

“PRO Therapy’s staff is wonderful! When I came in I was weak- I could barely move without severe shooting pain. Now, I am able to move my neck without pain or headaches. Thank you ladies!”

“Everyone at PRO Therapy has been very caring and gentle with me. I am very happy with the progress and care I have received.”

“I began my journey with PRO Therapy at one of John Twomey’s Back Pain and Sciatica Workshops. After becoming a patient, my life greatly improved-my back is so much better now. Thank you PRO Therapy!”

“Kylee and Stevie were very kind and patient with my situation. They really cared about my progress and saw to it that I improved. Thank you young ladies!”

“Physical therapy at PRO Therapy was a delightful experience. I look forward to joining PRO Wellness!”

“PRO Therapy’s staff is very easy to work with. They do an excellent job at what they do. I am very happy with my results. Thank you to the whole team!”

“Everyone at PRO Therapy was so helpful. My time spent with them improved my balance and my confidence.”

“Everyone at PRO Therapy was polite, professional, respectful and concerned. Very pleasant and talented staff. Much thanks to all of you!”

“PRO Therapy has helped very much with my ability to carry out daily activities. My strength is better and I can sit and stand without pain. Thank you! I am very happy with my results.”

“PRO Therapy is so great! They helped me so much! I cannot thank them enough!”

“I have improved a great deal thanks to PRO Therapy. I am now on the road to more vigorous exercise.”

“Everyone is very professional and knowledgeable. I love PRO Therapy!”

“The staff here at PRO Therapy are very professional and caring. They have helped me a lot! I feel so much better after each treatment- I don’t want to leave!”

“After successful knee surgery I have completed 21 visits to PRO Therapy. I now exceed normal measurements and can walk two miles with ease! I owe this to the very professional therapists that treated me so well at PRO Therapy!”

“I can hold my cup of coffee again! Thanks PRO Therapy!”

“I am extremely pleased with the care that I was provided at PRO Therapy. The staff is friendly, most knowledgeable and easy to work with!”

“You all were so great! Each of you were so very caring and patient. Physically and spiritually you made me feel ok again! Thank you, PRO Therapy! I’ll miss you all!”

“My time at PRO Therapy was such a wonderful experience! The scar tissue knot on the bottom of my foot has shrunk so much that I am walking without issue! Thanks Kylee and Brett!”

“PRO Therapy is so well managed! I am very pleased with the results of my physical therapy. Every one of the therapists were professional- and not only with me, but other patients that I observed in therapy.”

“Thanks to PRO Therapy I have improved my shoulder movement! It’s better than ever before! I am so excited that I have the movement I have now!”

“Before therapy, I had difficulty walking due to the extreme pain I was in. I couldn’t wear a shoe without pain. Now, thanks to the amazing staff at PRO Therapy, I am walking 3 miles a day- with shoes!”

“My pain has been completely eliminated! Thank you PRO Therapy!”

“I can’t believe how much I have improved in such a short time. I have learned so much about my body thanks to Leah and the PRO Therapy team!”

“My goodness! I can do almost anything! My progress is fabulous! When I first came to PRO Therapy all I wanted to do was put my hair up! Now, I can put my hair up and more! All of you are so awesome!”

“You are all so very good at what you do! Thank you all so much for the care you have given me and my family!”

“Before therapy, I was in constant fear that I was becoming disabled. But after many weeks of top notch treatment at PRO Therapy the fear has been eliminated. I can’t thank them enough.”

“PRO Therapy is the best! I had two hips that were extremely chewed up and I was very sure I wouldn’t be able to regain normalcy. After 2 hip surgeries with Dr. Gough at Hedley Institute and lots of physical therapy with the PRO Therapy staff I am better than normal!”

“I’m a new person! Thank you PRO Therapy!”

“Before I met the team at PRO Therapy, I was unable to complete household tasks or run errands without severe pain and swelling. Now, my pain has significantly reduced and I can do all of my chores and running around without issue.”

“The best part of coming to PRO Therapy, is that you leave with the tools to maintain a reduction in pain and increased flexibility.”

“I went from constant pain to no pain. Everyone at PRO Therapy is so very kind and supportive.”

“Keep up the good work PRO Therapy! I actually enjoyed my visits with all of you (even when it was painful). You are all fabulous!”

“It is much easier to push through life’s obstacles without the pain I once had! Thank you PRO Therapy!”

“PRO Therapy did an excellent job increasing my core strength and relieving the pain caused by my sciatica. They know their stuff!”

“I finally know what self-confidence feels like and it feels great!”

“My back pain was so painful that it prevented me from doing housework- I could hardly walk! Now, after just a few treatments at PRO Therapy I am back to completing day to day tasks and even walking for exercise!

“I am amazed at how much better I am able to get around and how much better I feel.”

“When I first came in, I couldn’t lift my arm. The time spent here not only helped me get my arm working but quickly became a bright spot in my day. PRO Therapy is wonderful!

“The pain is gone! I can do anything now! PRO Therapy is the best!”

“Thank you PRO Therapy for everything! It feels so good to have my life back!”

~ C.S.
“Physical therapy really works! Thank you John for all your time and effort in getting me back to normal!”

“Before I came to PRO Therapy, I was unable to hold my cell phone or drive my car without pain. I have gained all of my strength back and I am finally pain free!”

“Leah was fantastic! She demonstrates the perfect combination of challenge and patience.”

“I am so very impressed with the level of treatment and care I received at PRO Therapy.”

“The team at PRO Therapy helped me to reach my goals in just a short amount of time. The level of compassion by all who treated me was over the top! Thank you!”

“The staff and PRO Therapy is very helpful and friendly. They were very patient and easy to work with. I would recommend them to anyone with a physical ailment.”

“I truly enjoyed my time with PRO Therapy. They are great examples of professionalism. I cannot thank them enough for their help in getting me back in shape.”

“I was a hot mess after my fall. My back pain was so bad I was reminded of childbirth every day, all day. Now, after working with Leah and Kylee, I have NO back pain! Thank you, PRO Therapy!”

“The PRO Therapy team was so great at challenging me to do better which resulted in my improvement. Everyone is just so thoughtful and concerned.”

“My experience with PRO Therapy has been so helpful! Surgery is not an option for me. I was worried that physical therapy wouldn’t work for me due to the pain- I am so happy that I was wrong!”

“The therapists at PRO Therapy are awesome! I came in with horrible back pain. Leah has made me 100% better- I can’t thank her enough!”

“PRO Therapy’s staff is careful, considerate, and actually helpful. It’s not just a job to them and it shows in their work and my results.”

“I was very impressed with PRO Therapy and the professional treatment that I received. Every question I asked was answered politely and honestly.”

“I cannot express just how much I appreciate PRO Therapy’s friendliness and professionalism. They are all so well educated and truly want to see us old folks succeed in our healing.”

“Thank you PRO Therapy! It feels so good to be back to doing the things I enjoy, like crocheting, crafts and volunteering. I couldn’t have done it without you all!”

“PRO Therapy brought me back to life with the best therapy I have ever had! All in only one month’s time- I can’t wait to see what my life will be like in another month!”

“I am very satisfied with the treatments I received at PRO Therapy. The Therapists were professional and very caring. I have improved significantly. Keep up the good work all!”

“I appreciated not having to wait! PRO Therapy staff always got me started ahead of my scheduled time.”

“Thank you for making my muscles happy!”

“I am so pleased with my results. Thank you PRO Therapy!”

~ K.E.
“I feel truly amazing! PRO Therapy does unbelievable work!”

“I greatly appreciate not having to wait around for my appointments! PRO Therapy does a great job!”

“Leah is so amazing! She got me back to my normal life of exercise, activity, and little to no pain. She taught me to listen to my body and to know my limits.”

“I am totally pleased with my results! Thank you PRO Therapy!”

“I am SO satisfied with the care and treatments I received here at PRO Therapy!”

“Thanks to PRO Therapy I am finally opioid free!”

“My golf and pickle-ball games are much better!”
“I cannot say enough of the staff that worked with me at PRO Therapy! I am back to doing the things I love and more often!”

“PRO Therapy helped me to gain the confidence I needed to be more positive about staying active. It was a lot of fun working with them- I’m going to miss coming here!”

“Thanks to PRO Therapy my back is feeling much better! I will be coming back to get my knees worked on!”

“I have been using PRO Therapy for years. I recommend them to everyone and anyone that needs physical therapy. The staff is amazing- very kind, patient, and professional.”

“I came into PRO Therapy broken and left whole. Superb staff to work with. Each person was compassionate and caring. I can’t thank them enough for everything they did for me!”

“I came to PRO Therapy with incontinence. After just a month with Leah, I am feeling completely improved. She is such a pleasant young lady.”

“This was my first experience with any physical therapy. I am so glad my doctor sent me to PRO Therapy, it was the best experience. I am so grateful to them for making me new again!”

“Please let John know that the care I received from his staff was of great skill and care. They were all very helpful and friendly. My time working with each of them was first-class. Thank you for all of your help in getting me to recover.”

“Before I came to PRO Therapy, I was in very bad shape and extreme pain. Now, after six weeks of therapy, I have little to no pain and my mobility is greatly improved. Life is so much brighter for me now. Thanks to each and every individual at PRO Therapy for encouraging me through this journey.”

“When I first started physical therapy, I could not lift my right arm at all. I was in a neck brace and had no movement in my neck- my posture was awful! Now, thanks to PRO Therapy, I can use my right arm better than before my surgery and my neck is so much better!”

“The therapists at PRO Therapy are amazing! I was 100% satisfied with my physical therapy treatments.”

“I was very apprehensive about having therapy while on vacation, but everyone here at PRO Therapy has been so upbeat, caring and helpful. It was a pleasurable healing experience. I truly enjoyed having Leah as my therapist. She is awesome! Thank you!”

“My right shoulder is feeling awesome! Thanks to Julie at PRO Therapy!”


Everyone at PRO Therapy has taken very good care of me.”

“I am free of pain!”

“My leg was so weak I was afraid I was going to fall with every step. PRO Therapy not only gave me back my strength and balance but I am now more confident than I have ever been.”

“Before I came to PRO Therapy, I had very little to no bladder control. Now, I am no longer using a pad! I would highly recommend Leah for pelvic floor physical therapy. She was calm, reassuring, and answered all of my questions kindly and thoroughly. The progress I made was more than I had hoped for! Thank you so much.”

“I was told I would need two knee replacements as soon as possible. Not accepting this, I began rehabilitation at PRO Therapy. After just six weeks of therapy, I can tie my shoes, get up and down on the floor and am now walking both fields at Rotary Park daily. Thank you PRO!”

“PT makes amazing differences! PRO Therapy has made me a believer!”
“PRO Therapy’s customer service is outstanding! I would never go anywhere else!”
“Leah was amazing. She went out of her way and totally took care of me. I am leaving here 200% better due to her professional care.”

“John, your team does a great job!”

“PRO Therapy gave me my life back! I will continue to use them for any further physical therapy needs.”

~ D.G.
“Five weeks ago I couldn’t move my neck without pain, but PRO Therapy quickly took my pain away. I am feeling so much better! Thank you guys!”

“My experience here at PRO Therapy has been great. The staff is the best I have experienced. Everyone has been perfect! PRO Therapy staff made sure all my concerns were taken care of with a big smile on their faces. Definitely coming back in the future if needed.”

“When I started with PRO Therapy I honestly believed I was prolonging the inevitable and that I would still have to have back surgery. I was wrong! I feel amazing! Surgery is completely out of the picture!”
“PRO Therapy’s balance program has really helped me with my Parkinson’s. They are wonderful people.”

“Tomorrow I am going to play golf, all thanks to PRO Therapy!”

“I am so happy that I found PRO Therapy! I was super depressed and in so much pain before. Now, my life is not just back to normal, but great! Life is great, thanks PRO Therapy!”

“I love the therapists that worked with me at PRO Therapy! I can walk better, breathe better, and live better!”

“All of the therapists at PRO Therapy show real concern and care for each of their patients. PRO Therapy displays excellent knowledge and care.”

“Just three weeks with PRO Therapy and I am already pain free and walking on my own! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“I am so happy with the progress that I have made! PRO Therapy makes miracles happen!”

“PRO Therapy has been so wonderful to help me. Everyone is so professional and friendly.”

“PRO Therapy has great staff. They made me feel as though my recovery was their top priority. Good times in a difficult period of physical well-being.”

“PRO Therapy helped me to get my neck back into motion. At first I didn’t think therapy was working, then all of sudden I felt better and continue to feel better with each visit.”

“PRO Therapy really gives 100%. I can’t thank them enough!”

“Without therapy I wouldn’t be able to function

“PRO Therapy has the best staff in town!”

“My balance is 100% improved. I no longer fear falling! Thank you PRO Therapy!”

“I have had more pain-free days than I have had in a very long time, thanks to PRO Therapy’s dedication to my health.”

“I am very happy I chose PRO Therapy! I look forward to doing more physical activity every day!”

“Before therapy I had pain on the right side of my lower back. The pain not only kept me from working out, but also kept me from sleep and my daily house chores. It was just too painful! I thought that it would go away in time, but after two months of misery I decided to try PRO Therapy. Now, after just two weeks of physical therapy (and daily homework) I am back to my very active life. I do Zumba 4-5 days a week and line dance 5 nights a week with my girlfriends with zero back pain! I will be back if I ever need to, but this time, I won’t wait!”

“Keep up the great work PRO Therapy! I am very impressed and pleased with the care I received! I absolutely love the teamwork displayed! All of the staff show true, sincere care and concern towards all of their patients.”
“PRO Therapy does magic! Stanton was amazing! One treatment with him and my vertigo is gone! He is in the right profession! He is not only professional, but charming too!”

“Julie was incredibly helpful in solving my problem.”
“PRO Therapy provides excellent healing. Everyone is very knowledgeable and focused on methods to reduce pain and improve flexibility.”

“I had a great experience at PRO Therapy since day one. I walked in with major pain. I had my first visit with John and I knew I came to the right place. I truly felt my recovery goal was there’s too and that meant a lot to me. I will recommend PRO Therapy to everyone.”

“Awesome crew to work with- very professional and friendly.”

“Everyone has been caring, attentive and professional.”

“Everyone at PRO Therapy was awesome! Matt and Ronni really helped me to get moving again.”

“Everyone at PRO Therapy has treated me with professional care and concern. All of the staff is so friendly and helpful!”

“I was in SO much pain before I came to PRO Therapy. I couldn’t move my neck or shoulder without crying. The experts here have brought me great relief physically and emotionally- I will miss everyone!”

~ C.S.
“John, you and your staff were so timely and caring. I had a truly great experience with you all.”
“PRO Therapy taught me how to feel better and live better. I will never forget all they did for me.”

“I came to PRO Therapy with shooting pain all over my body. After six weeks with them, I am leaving with renewed strength and zero pain.”

“I came to PRO Therapy with neck and shoulder pain. I am leaving pain free, thanks to my therapists!”

“Everyone at PRO Therapy is wonderful! Each of my therapists took their time with me , answered my questions and made me feel cared for. I am so glad I chose PRO Therapy. They helped me gain strength that I never thought I could get back.”

“I am always happy with my results at PRO Therapy! This is my third time here and I will come back again if needed! All of the girls are great at what at they do!”

“PRO Therapy has made my everyday life easier. The pain is gone and now I know stretches to relieve pain that I might get again later. I have few more adjustments to make, and I’ll be as good as new! Thank you guys!”

“The physical therapy I received at PRO Therapy was superb! I can do anything now, without pain!”

“After my stroke, I was very weak on the left side of my body. Thanks to PRO Therapy, I have gained more strength than I had before my stroke. I’m feeling great!”

“PRO Therapy made my therapy sessions easier than I expected. Everyone is a joy to be around- always happy and bubbly. The pain was made easier with their smiles and consideration. I will especially miss Ronni’s loving care.”

“After my surgery I was worried that me right knee would take a long time to heal, but after working out at PRO Therapy my right knee feels strong and capable of anything! Thanks PRO Therapy!”

“I have experienced sciatic pain off and on all of my life- it is great to be pain free!”

“I had been dealing with pain in my piriformis muscle for a very long time and with PRO Therapy and the exercises they had me do, that pain is completely gone.”

“The PRO Therapy staff is professional and caring. You feel that you are being treated by friends.”

“I had been suffering with low back pain and sciatica for about four years. PRO Therapy has made a vast improvement of the level of activity I can do with little or no pain. The entire staff is friendly, thorough and efficient.”

“I have had back pain for years but it was becoming increasingly difficult to handle. PRO Therapy has helped me to manage the pain and thus to continue the activities I enjoy.”
“PRO Therapy has been extremely friendly and helpful in taking care of my recovery from hand surgery. I also appreciate very little wait time or no wait time at all before therapy.”

“PRO Therapy has changed my life for the better!”

“Thank you PRO Therapy! The pain in my lower back is gone!”

“I came to PRO Therapy in terrible pain, now thanks to them and their motivation I have no more pain!”

“I don’t know if I have ever been treated with so much kindness. Everyone at PRO Therapy is so professional.”

“When I first came to PRO Therapy I was in very severe pain with no mobility. After a few sessions I could sleep with no pain. The staff is well learned and very gentle. My therapist listened to everything I said and made sure to make me comfortable. I love them!”

“PRO Therapy has great staff!” The atmosphere is fantastic! I enjoyed all the time I spent with them!”

“I thought pain was just something I would have to live with due to my age. I am so glad that I met John Twomey at PRO Therapy- he quickly fixed my problem and all the pain is gone!”

“I walked in to PRO Therapy in major pain and out of work. After my first visit with John I knew I had come to the right place. I truly felt my recovery goals were their too. I will recommend PRO Therapy to everyone!”

“Everyone at PRO Therapy is so caring and attentive! I love my PRO family.”

“I feel 100% better after seeing PRO Therapy.”

“Everyone at PRO Therapy is so caring and love their job! Thank you all for helping me to feel better!”

“After rolling a car I was unable to walk or function. PRO Therapy worked with me and got me back to full duty and full functionality.”
“PRO Therapy was very prompt and efficient. I came in hurting and I was greatly improved after physical therapy.”

“What I achieved at PRO Therapy was well beyond my expectations.”

“My body feels great, thanks to PRO Therapy!”

“PRO Therapy staff is so nice and caring!”

“I had been in moderate pain for over a year. I had physical therapy in California with a PT who diagnosed my issue as SI Joint mis-alignment. I completed two rounds of therapy out there with poor results. After just two weeks at PRO Therapy, John made sure that I had great results.”
“PRO Therapy has an incredible staff. I could not lay flat on my back without horrible pain due to my sciatica. But now, there is no pain!”
“I am now able to live my life normally thanks to the help of the amazing staff at PRO Therapy.”

“Prior to seeking treatment at PRO Therapy I was taking Hydrocodone when my bulging disc caused pain in my legs. I am so happy to say that I had to take ANY medication since starting therapy at PRO Therapy. I have resumed walking and am completely pain free! Thank you all so much!”

“Before I came to PRO Therapy I was in a lot of pain and taking medication to cope. Since treatment, I no longer need pain medication and am in far less pain. The service here is wonderful.”

“I came in with so much pain. I would cry when holding a small bottle of water. Now it’s like I’m back to my old self again!”

“While working at McDonalds as a lobby person, my back pain would increase as the day progressed. After therapy, there was no pain the whole day. PRO Therapy was able to zero in on the source of the pain and worked it out through specific exercises”
“Everyone at PRO Therapy has been very gracious to me and I really appreciate all their help!”
“Everyone at PRO Therapy really addresses my therapy treatments.”
“I came in using crutches and I’m leaving without using any assisted aid. I call that success!”
“Therapy here is the best! Coming three times a week each week was great and the staff worked me hard but it worked! They really helped me get better faster.”
“My goal was simply to gain back quality of life. PRO Therapy helped me achieve that.”
“My balance is so much better thanks to all of the therapists at PRO Therapy.”
“PRO Therapy challenged me to make myself better. I am so thankful for my therapists.”
“The staff at PRO Therapy is very good, efficient and caring.”
“PRO Therapy proved to me that exercise does help! I am SO grateful to them.”
“When I first came to PRO Therapy I could barely walk due to the pain. Now the pain is gone and I am walking normally again.”
“Everyone at PRO Therapy is professional and personal. Thank you.”
“PRO Therapy was great! Personnel was very attentive and did an excellent job. I feel so much better then when I came in. I am walking and sitting comfortably. I am not using a cane or walker and can go about my daily activity without any pain.”

“I am back to doing all my crazy things! Thanks PRO Therapy!”

“Thanks to PRO Therapy being so good, I can now brush my hair!”
“When I came in for my first appointment with PRO Therapy, I had to force myself to walk all the way in, I was in so much pain. Sitting, standing, walking were everyday struggles for me then. Now, I have been consistent with a workout regimen and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you PRO Therapy!”
“I went to another physical therapy place that only made matters worse, but PRO Therapy was still able to fix me! They are awesome and I can’t thank them enough!”
“The care and techniques PRO Therapy provided me greatly improved my issues. I now have the knowledge to manage and control my pain. I will be back for more Laser Therapy, too! It’s amazing!

“I am so happy with PRO Therapy. I came here after a knee replacement. All of the therapists and techs are so caring and concerned. I am extremely happy with my progress and the outcome of my therapy.”

“The level of care (physical and emotional) was outstanding! PRO Therapy helped me walk again- Thank you for giving me my life back!”

~ G.S.
“I have Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and severe pain throughout my body. Coming to PRO Therapy has not only helped my pain but made me stronger!”

“From start to finish PRO Therapy’s treatment program was excellent.”

“PRO Therapy has a great staff! The exercise regimen I received was appropriate to my complaint of pain. I have had a noticeable improvement on quality of life.”

“PRO Therapy- you all have treated me like family. God Bless.”
“I am always happy with the services PRO Therapy provides and the caring people that work with me.”

“I am so very pleased with the personalized care at PRO Therapy. I have improved range of motion and flexibility, less numbness and better balance.”

“Before PRO Therapy, I was taking 4 pain pills a day and still experiencing pain. Now, I don’t take any! I feel SO much better.”

“This is my third session at PRO Therapy in the last 10 years. I always leave their office feeling like a million bucks. I highly recommend them to everyone!”

“I am 89 years old. Thanks to PRO Therapy, I can keep going.”

“PRO Therapy has a great staff- they are all fun to work with and very helpful. I hate to leave, they made every treatment enjoyable. If I ever need more treatments, I will be back.”

“Two days after surgery, David had my shoulder moving! From that day forward, I had nothing but improvement!”

“Before PRO Therapy, I was only sleeping about two or four hours due to being in so much pain. Now, I am able to sleep comfortably and uninterrupted for 8 hours with no pain!”

“PRO Therapy has been such a blessing to me! They have helped in the healing of my back and my shoulder. Thank you John!”

“I am not afraid of falling anymore. Thank you PRO Therapy!”

“I was very hesitant to try physical therapy. But working with the professionals at PRO Therapy made all the difference in the world. They have an amazing staff that is extremely kind and caring.”

“I had a knee replacement prior to physical therapy and PRO Therapy has helped me to feel completely comfortable and confident in moving forward. Extra thanks to Brad for all your help.”

“PRO Therapy is awesome. What a phenomenal staff! I feel better, I can walk farther, my core strength has improved and I am happier! Thank you all!” S.K.
“PRO Therapy is exceptionally attentive and treated me with the most respect I have ever received from a medical office. Thank you!”

“PRO Therapy made it made possible for me to take an extended Italy vacation. Thank you all!”

“I came to PRO Therapy in wheelchair and now I am walking out on my own two feet! Everything and everyone at PRO Therapy is awesome. They are all so helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.”

“It only took four appointments for PRO Therapy to ease my hand tremors. PRO Therapy is amazing, they really are professionals.”

“PRO Therapy staff treated me like a valued individual. They are great!”

“My neck pain is almost completely gone. I can turn my head without pain! Thank you to all the great people at PRO Therapy!”

“I have essential tremors and I fell 16 times before coming to PRO Therapy for help. Since coming here, my balance is SO much better- I have overcome my fear of falling!”

“After my back surgery two years ago, I had fallen a minimum of 25 times. Since coming to PRO Therapy I have not fallen at all!”

“My daughter came to visit and thought it was amazing how I can now keep my balance compared to when she last saw me in August. I feel so much more confident, thanks to PRO Therapy!”