Back Pain and Pregnancy

Jun28th 2017
Congrats! You’re expecting!

The #1 Single Best Exercise for Back Pain During Pregnancy

  • Do you have back pain when you sit for a long time?
  • Does your back bother you when you roll over in bed?
  • Do you get a pain when you get in and out of the car?
  • Does your back feel like it’s going to give out or lock up if you bend forward or kneel down?
  • Is getting out of a low chair almost impossible?
If so, then I want to share a super simple exercise you can safely do that takes less than two minutes to do AND can give you instant relief…

“Back Pain During Pregnancy is normal… It Will Go Away After I Deliver…”

Back pain during pregnancy is common… but not necessarily normal.
Yes, your body is changing, your baby is growing (and kicking and turning), and in general, your body is naturally preparing to deliver.
With the increased weight of your baby and the release of hormones in your body, the muscles and ligaments which give your pelvis stability are weekend and stretched out. With those changes, many expecting mothers begin experiencing back pain, especially in and around the tail bone.
Back pain during pregnancy is often caused by a problem in the pelvis. More specifically, the joint on either side of the tail bone frequently becomes “stuck”. This joint is called the sacroiliac joint or “SI Joint”.
So here’s a simple, easy-to-do exercise that can help with back pain during or after pregnancy.


How to Do It:

1.      Lying on your back, grab one knee with both hands.
2.      Push your knee down into your hands. 50% effort- Do not strain.
3.      Keep breathing. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times on each leg.


Quick Tip:

Lying flat on your back during pregnancy can cause problems for some women.
The weight of your baby can put pressure on blood vessels in your stomach and stop blood flow from flowing. Two options to avoid lying flat on your back:
  1. Prop your head and shoulders up on a pillow (or wedge)
  1. Perform the exercise while sitting in a chair.


“I Have Already Delivered and I Still Have Pain”

A recent study of new mothers at the six week postpartum check-up reported that nearly 50% still had back pain. Why is that?
Once you deliver, there is no guarantee that your pelvis will go back to the way it was before your pregnancy. It often becomes stuck or painful… Especially if you’re busy chasing toddlers, returning to housework, yard-work, career life and social activities.
If you have tried this exercise and are still experiencing pain please call 928-854-4776 today. We can help you determine the root cause of your pain and get you feeling better, moving better, and living better.